My second trip to Africa it has not been made in Africa at all . . . actually I went to Madagascar which, even if it is on the Africa map, is a continent on its own.

Like Australia, Madagascar is between to worlds: Africa and Asia. And Madagascar developed a way on its own.

So come with me, I'll lead you to the discovery of this beautifl island of enchantment, between Africa and Asia, between untamed nature and charming people, like Moses departing the Red Sea. . . Mose.JPG (35124 byte)


I first want to introduce you to the people of Madagascar.

This is a small village in the high plains. An area considered still rich compared to the more southern part of the Country.

paese1.JPG (17051 byte)


Once I succede to win my fears to disturb the villagers and to be too much intrusive in ther lives, I was welcomed to freely roam the Village and take as much picture as I wished.

Than I was met by a number of children all curious about the 'stranger', at last I was introduced to the Village Chief. 

Paese5.JPG (23906 byte)


While strolling in the Village the feeling I had was to be a man come from outer space . . . so big is the difference from what I was used to see that I felt in another world, and I was from another world indeed also for the people who looked at me with thw same curiosity and disbeief. Paese6.JPG (15376 byte)


One night bivouac on the beach in southern Madagascar.

The driver and one of his sons were cooking lobsters brought from the fishermen in the nearby village.

Falo.JPG (43877 byte)


The same seashore in the daylight.

This is one of the most beautiful beeches I ever saw. . . white sand dunes, warm ocean, corral reef a fiew yard away . . .

Dune1.JPG (14401 byte)


Madagascar is famous for its wonderful wildlife. This is a Lemur Katta, one of the most famous kind of lemur.

Actually lemurs are distant 'cousins' of ours since they are related to monkies. . . 

katta.JPG (13939 byte)


This is Lemur Sika, or 'dancing lemur' as, whan it has to go from one tree to another, it 'walk' sideways in little jumps: like a moonwalker dancing. Sika.JPG (30780 byte)


Another animal for which Madagascar is well known worldwide is the camaleon.

Tere are a lot of speces, from small as a thumbnail to as big as a small cat. This is a medium one, one of the fiew that is active in a year basis, many, in fact, ibernate in winter.

Cama.JPG (18178 byte)


Sunset on Madagascar from Nosy Bé Island.

Nosy Bé (that means 'Beautiful Island') is in the north of Madagascar, in the Mozambique Strait.

mada.JPG (21186 byte)


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