Transistor radio










Hitachi TH-800 60, Japan - AM, auto tuning with spring-motion tune dial 8 germanium transistors 4 x AA - bad, partially working. With bag
RCA All transistor Deluxe AD-162 nd, USA - AM radio 6 germanium transistors 4 x AA - Sufficient, working
Toptone AR-610 nd AM radio 6 germanium trans 9V - Good, working. With bag
Global Transistor GR-711 nd - AM radio  6 germanium transistors 9V With bag Very good, working. 
Panasonic nd - AM, FM, SW radio and 33/45/78 rpm vinile disk player   8-10 germanium transistors 6 x C, ext plug 9V (- centre) - Sufficient, working
Homer Radio IC-5000 nd, Japan - AM radio  IC 2x button cell Small radio. With case and ear plug Good, working. 
Grundig Sono Clock 15 71? Germany - AM-FM radio with 6 memory. Sincro motor clock with rolling strip numbers, 3W audio amp 1x IC AMP, varicap tuning 220V 50Hz - Good, working (partially)
Voxon Junior-70 7x?, Italy - AM mini car radio mono (1-3W?) - 12V car battery Small car radio Good, no tested
Voxon ra2000 76, Italy - AM removable car radio, mono (1-3W?) uA720DC, CA810QM 12V car battery, 6x AA Nice car radio with battery for mobile use As new, working
Voxon Tanga 78?, Italy - FM removable IC car radio with docking amplifier  (mono 3-5W) CA3089E, TBA810S, 2 transistor (ceramic filter and varicap tuning) 12V car battery The smallest portable car radio Good, working
Voxon Tanga 79, Italy - Removable IC car radio, (dot red AM module, dot green FM, dot cyan FM 4 preset, (mono 4.7W) UA720PC, AE920-7B 12V car battery Nice design modular car radio As new, untested

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