Timeline gallery (basic calculator)



Texas Instruments


From Europe

From Japan


1971 Canon Pocketronic   Toshiba BC-801B   NCM Busicom Handy LE120s Early portable calculators
1972 Canon Palmtronic LE-10 Texas Instruments Datamath (1 series)   Sinclair Executive Sharp EL-811 Better power management, calculator lose weight
1973 Canon Palmtronic LE-80R   Toshiba BC-1205B Sumlock Comptometer Anita 811 Sharp EL-805M LED display mature, first LCD portable calculator
1974 Canon Palmtronic LE-85 Texas Instruments TI-2250   Sinclair Oxford 200 Casio Mini CM-605 Low cost calculator hit the market
1975   Texas Instruments TI-1500   MBO Mini Handy 800 Sharp ElsiMate EL-8010 Thin calculator with button cell battery
1976         Sharp ElsiMate EL-8020 First light modern LCD calculator

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