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Code cracking

#Cracking tutorials - and manuals
#File patchers - patching tools
#Game hacking - how to make trainers, find the cheats for the games
#Programming books and docs - papers

Greythorne - the home of the +Orc tutorials and other stuff (3757 hits)
Acid Burn - Tutorials on various stuff (good ones tho), also tuts on crackme's. (10471 hits)
AmoK - Fine Cracking Art - Tutorials, Software, Sources (8280 hits)
corleone's software reverse engeneering - tutorials, tools, links... (19101 hits)
Crack Forum - the cracker's discussion forum (11682 hits)
Cracking 4 Newbies - about security holes in software and how they can be found (27600 hits)
Cracking gurus - some tutorials and tools (14090 hits)
Crackme's - text-only site with tutorials for crackme's (5993 hits)
CrackZ's reverse engineering for newbies - tutorials (13180 hits)
DisCard - by Elf Qrin - Online carding tool: Credit Card numbers generator and verifier. (5632 hits)
Dread - Has easy-to-understand newbie tutorials but also has some great advanced tuts. (3361 hits)
Flu[X]'s Page - many tutors by a member of Phrozen Crew (4140 hits)
Fravia - Software protection techniques and tools, Anonymity on the Web: stalking, enemy tracking and other techniques, Reality cracking and anti-advertisement techniques and tools and much more... (9048 hits)
Ghiribizzo's page - tutorial deposit, information (1913 hits)
Lazarus - tuts, crackme's, tools, reversing, docs (9091 hits)
mammon_ - (dis)assembly tutorials, articles on Soft-Ice, tips and tutors (5620 hits)
Phrozen Crew - official website (8993 hits)
Reverse Engineering - by Eddy L O Jannson - NetNanny, CyberSitter (7377 hits)
Spanish Reverse Engineering Forum - forum about cracking, spanish only (5927 hits)
The Sandman - Has many newbie-oriented tutorials. (3812 hits)
TMG - tuts, docs (1635 hits)
TNT Crack Team - School Section with Tutorials, Crackmes, Forums to learn cracking... etc. (4175 hits)
Worldgroup Hack Unit - documentation about cracking (1956 hits)
Zor's News - crack scene news (5274 hits)

Game hacking tutorials

10-Step Hex Editing Course - introduction into the world of hex-editing. Numerous concepts are explained in this article. (3187 hits)
A Complete Tutorial on The Usage of GameHack (Part I) - (2924 hits)
A Complete Tutorial on The Usage of GameHack (Part II) - (877 hits)
A Guide and A Reference for All Cheating Vocabulary and Terms - (654 hits)
A Nicely Written Tutorial on How to Use Hex Workshop - (834 hits)
A Quick Tutorial for Hacking a Game Using Cheat'O Matic - (853 hits)
A Story about The Game Hacking Tools and Their History - (537 hits)
Accessing The Memory Of A Process - A long, thorough and detailed document. Intermediate programming knowledge recommended. (743 hits)
Advanced UGE Manual - A brilliant and well-detailed guide explaining the bowels of UGE. There's a lot you can learn about savegame editing from this guide. (451 hits)
GameHack Tutorial - An excellent, comprehensive guide to GameHack. This is definitely the best tutorial to explain many concepts of memory editing. (2297 hits)
Guide To Data Types / Variables - A handy reference to the data types you will encounter in memory and savegame editing. Find out what terms like byte and dword mean. (599 hits)
How to Create Trainers with Energy Bars - tutorial (726 hits)
In Memory Patching - A lenghty document regarding the Windows memory. Good programming knowledge recommended. (600 hits)
Intro to Game Memory Hacking - An nice thorough introduction for casual gamers into the world of game memory hacking and game trainers. (797 hits)
Modifying Memory Space Of Games - A programmer's document with some helpful code on memory editing. (586 hits)
Overview Of Savegames - A simple description of what savegames really are and how to locate them on your hard disk. Nothing much, really. Just a short intro. (448 hits)
Programming Game Trainers In Delphi 4 - A simple yet thorough document detailing all the basic API functions needed in a standard game trainer. Very useful, and beginner-friendly. (1177 hits)
SaveGame Hacking tutorial - huge! (810 hits)
Trainer Maker Kit Tutorial - A thorough and informative guide to using Trainer Maker Kit. Each and every feature completely explained. (767 hits)
Universal Game Editor FAQ - A great FAQ answering nearly all of your questions about Universal Game Editor, the popular savegame editor. (484 hits)
Vital's First Work, A Guide to Cheat'O Matic - (400 hits)
When and Why to Cheat - A Fine Point of View, (605 hits)
Game hacking tools

Cheat Engine 2.50 - Give this program the offsets of important values in a savegame, and you can make your own tiny savegame patches. Shareware. (3153 hits)
CRACKAID - V3.39 - menu - driven game unprotect for many games (6760 hits)
GAME WIZARD 32 v3.0 - The NUMBER ONE rated game cheating utility. Full support for DOS EXTENDER under all memory managers.It has the ability to search/modify/freeze 90 items while playing a game, create cheat table files; save/load current game etc. (6393 hits)
GameTools 3.23 - An old but still useful DOS game debugger. Shareware. (1469 hits)
Master Cheater 0.5b - A game debugger by Olivier. A rather good program, if only Olivier could continue work on it. Freeware. (2180 hits)
Private Compiler 2.7 - A HUGE program with tons and tons of features. Not for the beginner though. You MUST read the documentation, and visit their website, or you won't understand a thing :-) Lots of add-ons, tuts, and source are available at their site! (2260 hits)
Trainer Spy 1.0 - A cool utility to monitor the system memory for actions performed by trainers. Very useful in figuring out how a trainer works. Freeware. (2006 hits)
WinHack - WinHack is a program that will let you cheat games while they are running. It willlet you create your own cheats and trainers. (12608 hits)

WWW/Web server crackers

Ares .9 b20 - easy to use http/html/avs password cracker (4697 hits)
Brute Force internet cracker. Nice advanced methods - WWWhack (9675 hits)
goldeneye 1.0.4 - great http cracker (3805 hits)
hack office 2000 - similar to goldeneye and wwwhack. nice features such as adultcheck generator, leecher, and various cracking methods (13188 hits)
Http Brute Forcer - Works on Yahoo and Hotmail emails. (17002 hits)
NetMole - a new web cracker that has features many other big-time crackers are lacking. supports 999 bots, can be left alone withouts screwing up, advanced pass leaching spider... (2352 hits)
pass leech - used to grab passwords off of pages with password lists (2749 hits)
Secure Unsecure - Internet cracker with an easy interface (5780 hits)
Sitebreaker - for breaking into password protected sites (12843 hits)
WebCracker - The home site of webcracker, a multi threaded tool that can check you web site's security. It supports a multitude of features including page filtering and non standard (CGI/ISAPI/NSAPI) attacks. (13699 hits)
WebCracker 3 - Brute Force internet cracker. (2545 hits)
Webcracker 4 - newer version (11227 hits)
WWWhack 1.922-82 - ability to crack pop3, ftp, http (basic), and http (form) passwords (5912 hits)

Password crackers

#Password dictionaries - the lists of possible words to help to password cracker
#Unix password crackers - for cracking of unix box's passwd file
#Windows password crackers - for cracking win passwords
#WWW/Web server crackers - to crack password protected websites


Bokler's guide to cracker software - news, tips, links, password cracking software list (14163 hits)
FZC - Fast Zip Cracker Homepage - FZC tries to recover PKZip/WinZip passwords. Plain brute-force, wordlist and template methods supported. Here you will find the latest versions, betas, & benchmarks. (47574 hits)
Key Recovery Utilities and Resources - password cracking software reviews, links to cryptanalysis tools and lessons, key recovery tools (12581 hits)
Russian Password Crackers - page is dedicated to cryptography weakness demonstration, for not only Russian proggies. Crackers for apps like Office, files for Access, Word, Excel.. bios crackers and more.. (31504 hits)
Access97 - Gets password for Access 97 Databases (5676 hits)
Accessdata - Password Recovery Software - Back doors to some popular programs as well as other cryptographic related material. (20198 hits)
Advanced ARJ Password Recovery - could be used to recover your lost password for ARJ archive. Free 30-day trial. (4661 hits)
Advanced Word 97 Password Recovery - a 32-bit Windows application which can help you to recover the lost password for Microsoft Word 97 document file. The program supports the brute-force and dictionary-based attacks and is fully customizable. (26393 hits)
Advanced ZIP Password Recovery - able to recover your lost password for ZIP archive. Free 30-days trial. (63600 hits)
AIM Recover - Recovers saved Aol Instant Messager Passwords. + required dll (1843 hits)
bpftp.c - reads and decrypts entries from bpftp.dat (1920 hits)
Break Arj - .ARJ - Cracker (4762 hits)
Break Zip - .ZIP - Cracker (51463 hits)
BreakARJ - Instantly retrieves ARJ passwords. No need for brute force (1400 hits)
Brutus - Internet cracker (3666 hits)
Brutus - Remote Password Cracker - Home of Brutus, the remote password cracker. Handles HTTP, Telnet, POP3, SMB, FTP plus many user created authentication types. (25622 hits)
cain 1.0 beta - cracks local stored pw and cached files (841 hits)
Crack Master version 2.5 - Protection & Password removal for you favorite games and programs. (shareware program) (18597 hits)
cRARk v. 1.5 - RAR password cracker (5199 hits)
cRARk v. 2.0 - RAR password cracker (18265 hits)
CuteFTP PW Cracker - FIRE-FTP is a decrypter for all passwords stored by CUTEFTP 1.6/1.8 in TREE.DAT (25104 hits)
date crack - cracks the date files on time limit software (3494 hits)
Dialup Recover - Recovers Lost Dialup password and username (2734 hits)
dmonkey wr3nch 1.1 - cracks the passwords saved in dial-up networking (783 hits)
EggDropper - Cracks Eggdroppers on Irc (956 hits)
EUDPASS - Eudora Pro/Lite Password Decoder (9160 hits)
Excel Cracker - Decrypt coded Excel-files (22874 hits)
fast zip crack 1.06 - it can brute force passwords on zip files or use a word list (2082 hits)
Fast ZIP Cracker - version 1.04 (26318 hits)
Fire FTP - Decrypts CuteFTP cache passwords in Tree.DAT (1717 hits)
FlashIt! v1.1 - Macromedia Flash Deprotector - How many times did you think: 'It would be nice to rip a Flash movie from well built website, and use the gFX with my site...'? But when you get the .SWF file, you can't import it in the Flash editor, coz it's protected... (5226 hits)
Inventor - cool dictionary maker. (1124 hits)
Iomega Zip Disk cracker - Text on how to remove a Zip Disk Password (1888 hits)
MinCrack v 1.1 - Minuet Password Cracker (4996 hits)
MS Lanman Extract - this program grabs the name of Lanman shares, and decrypts their passwords. (428 hits)
MS Lanman Extract 2 - grabs the share name, directory, full password, readonly password, etc of ms lanman shares. this version also uses an improved decypting function. (789 hits)
MS Office pwd cracker - package was intended for discovering forgotten passwords for files created with programs from the Microsoft Office (31837 hits)
Nexus password cracker - The kingdom of the winds (online RPG - Password Cracker (1192 hits)
No More Secret Stuff - Unencrypts files protected by Norton's Secret Stuff (1269 hits)
Password Crackers, Inc. - password cracking services for a wide variety of applications and files. (23425 hits)
Password Recovery - the commercial password recovery software (912 hits)
Password Recovery Software - Commercial password crackers with free trial version for ZIP and ARJ archives; for Access 95/97 databases; for Word 97 and Excel 97 documents; for Windows NT; dictionaries and dictionary generators. (42820 hits)
Password-cracker - for ZIPs and ARJs (38273 hits)
POPMail Password Cracker - dos-based popmail cracker (1035 hits)
portal local password tools - some features include grabbing cached internet/dialup/aim/icq passwords, a password generator(odd/number/combo randomizing methods), a password unmasker/enumerator, ws_ftp password file decrypter, and some spiffy art. (3294 hits)
PW-Gen - Password Generator - by Elf Qrin - An online password generator for people that still use their pet's name as a password (3018 hits)
Refiner - used to generate a wordlist containing all possible combinations of a partial password (243 hits)
Revelation - Unmasks masked pw's. Takes off the ****'s. (3935 hits)
RipFTP Server - Gets passwords to cached FTP sites for cuteftp (2189 hits)
ScrnLock - Windows Screensaver Password Cracker (7554 hits)
snitch - turns back the asterisks (*****) in password fields to plaintext passwords. (1851 hits)
SQLdict - a dictionary attack tool for SQL Server. It lets you test if the accounts are strong enough to resist an attack or not. (255 hits)
SqlDictionary - Brute Forces SQL servers passwords to test password strength (677 hits)
STACPSWD v 1.02 - Stacker password 3.0-4.0 (1195 hits)
tetro ftp cracker - good ftp cracker (836 hits)
Trumpet Winsock Cracker - trumpet Winsock v3.0+ ID/PW cracker (2635 hits)
Ultimate Paradox CryptoExplorer for Win9X/NT - Paradox/BDE encrypted tables decryptor (2411 hits)
Ultra Zip PWC 3.60i - fast and popular zip password cracker. it can crack zip files using brute force, dictionary, or a mixed attack and supports plain text attack (3450 hits)
UnExcel - Decrypts Encrypted Microsoft Excel Documents (3490 hits)
Word Perfect Cracker - A program that defeats Word Perfect Encryption. DOS (562 hits)
Word97 / Excel 97 cr - Word password 97/8.0 & Excel password 97/8.0 cracker (39277 hits)
WPCrack - Word Perfect 4.x and 5.x Password Cracker (1430 hits)
YAAC v.096 - ARJ password cracker (2844 hits)
ZEXPL2L - PKZIP password cracker (19099 hits)


Crack Tools
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