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Publication: Ayal Graphics
Author and Artist: Miki Amit

Containing 80 pages of Art works about the Israeli air force History.
Pages size: 23X21 cm. soft cover.

Miki Amit is one of the leading aviation artist in Israel.
Miki has illustrated and recorded the Israeli air force and aviation in
general through a wide range of art work. During the last thirty years,
his work has been published in aviation journals, creative and
professional literature, daily newspapers and flight safety magazines.

This book brings to you some of Miki's best work, depicting the history
of aviation as it has come into existence and developed, from the first
days of the Israeli air force till today.

As an aviation artist, Miki has held several one man exhibitions of his
works, portraying military and civil aviation in Israel as it has
developed over the years, from the founding of the state to date.
Through Miki's art work we can take an aviation tour of years gone by.
We can "relive" the past and let nostalgia take wing. Although much of his art records Israeli aviation history, all lovers of flight will
appreciate this wide ranging collection.

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