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As a Modeler I was always looked for the best for my models and most of the time I have found it. In the past 4 years I have been looking for Acrylic - not toxic paints, since my first child was born, with not much success, so I decided to make it myself.    
The results were so positive that other modelers asked me to make specific colors for them as well. Thereafter, I decided to enter this market allowing other modelers to use today the best in the market.

The COLORIT line of Acrylic water soluble paints, for plastic, resin and wood model kits, is produced exclusively for AD Grafica by a company that as a result of three decades of experience in colorants manufacturing, has achieved a thorough understanding of colorant technology.
On account of this vast experience achieved in the world market, it ranks now as a market leader of innovative technologies in colorants production and color matching software system solutions for the paint and decorating industry.
After more than 6 mounts of research, this company met my request to exclusively produce for AD Grafica any range of High Quality Acrylic water soluble special paints for modelers needs.
These paints were checked by some of the best modelers in Italy and all of them were more than satisfied from the results.
The IAF colors, are my first range of colors that will be followed shortly by other FSŪ (Federal Standard), RALŪ, RLMŪ and other special colors to met the modelers needs.

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Price 20ml.

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ADC-001 FS-33631
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ADC-002 FS-34227
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ADC-003 FS-30219
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ADC-004 FS-35622
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ADC-005 FS-34424
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ADC-006 FS-36375
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ADC-007 FS-36320
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ADC-008 FS-30145
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ADC-009 FS-34031
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ADC-010 FS-30099
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ADC-011 FS-34102
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ADC-012 FS-34079
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ADC-013 FS-36622
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ADC-014 RAL-7044
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ADC-015 RLM-68
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ADC-016 RAL-5008
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ADC-017 RAL-8000
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ADC-018 Matt Clear
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ADC-019 Gloss Clear
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How to use COLORIT paints

COLORIT Acrylic paints are manufactured using state of the art processes to give extremely fine
pigment dispersion, with a particle of less then 10 microns.
For a professional finish, Airbrush use is recommended, you can also achieve excellent finish using
high quality brushes.

1.- Always shake paint good before you use it.
2.- Clean your model before painting.
3.- Paint your model with base color first (any matt light        gray color is good).
4.- Tint COLORIT paints with water only (Airbrush - 30%       - 40% depending on air pressure).
5.- Apply 1-3 coats for the best finish - be sure the paint       is dry before applying another coat!!!
6.- Apply one coat of COLORIT glossy clear varnish.
7.- Apply decals.
8.- Apply one coat of COLORIT matt clear for the best       finish.

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