Club Comfort Residences & Apartments

Code of conduct and Accommodation regulations


- that the Azienda di Promozione Turistica del Trentino (hereinafter called the "APT"), working with the following Associations: Unione Albergatori del Trentino, RESCASA Trentino, FAITA Trentino, Trentino Appartamenti and FIMAA Immobiliare, members of the Unione Commercio Turismo e Attività of the Province of Trento (hereinafter called the "promoting Associations"), is promoting the creation of a new product Club called "Club Comfort – Residence & Appartamenti" whose main subject is accommodation facilities in the form of apartments;

- that the objectives pursued by this initiative are: to improve the image, the quality and the features of the offer of accommodation in the form of apartments in Trentino; to reward those operators who are more sensitive to market requirements and to customer satisfaction; to ensure the quality of the offer and a clear pricing policy with no hidden extras where added costs are openly declared or the price is given as "all-inclusive";

- that for the initiative to be established and to succeed, the member operators must undertake to respect the same rules of behaviour in order to safeguard the new product Club;

all this being considered and deemed an essential part of the Code of Conduct and Accommodation Regulations,

the undersigned, (…) , owner of one of the following forms of accommodation: Esercizio Alberghiero [hotel accommodation] (either Albergo [hotel], R.T.A. [Aparthotel], Albergo Garnì [guesthouse] or Villaggio Albergo [hotel village]), Residence [holiday apartment], C.A.V [holiday homes and apartments], or Campeggio [camp-site], Affitacamere [room hire], Apartamenti turistici [holiday apartments] called (…) with premises in (…) (hereinafter called the "member")

declares, in his/her capacity as member of the "Club Comfort – Residence & Appartamenti" that he/she undertakes to respect all rules of behaviour contained in this Code of Conduct and Holiday Regulations (hereinafter called the "Code"), ensuring its full and total application for the duration of his/her membership of the said Club.

Article 1

For the establishment and success of the Club and its promotional catalogue, the member undertakes:

- to provide the APT and the promoting Associations with news and true information about his/her accommodation facilities in the form of apartments and their amenities;

- to ensure complete openness with regard to the prices applicable during the various periods in question as indicated in the price list, clearly stating any additional costs;

- not to exceed the prices given in the price list;

- to maintain the "comfort" amenities specifically indicated in the Club membership file in order to ensure his/her guests have a comfortable and high quality stay;

- to improve the quality standard of his/her offer, including taking part in specially organised training courses, fairs and/or sector meetings.


Article 2

The member undertakes in his/her relations with guests to observe the following rules of behaviour and contractual clauses, without prejudice to the existing sector norms which regulate the operation of his/her accommodation facilities.

2a. The apartment is considered booked for the period agreed with the guest when the member gives written confirmation following the payment of a deposit by the guest. Should the guest fail to pay the deposit within seven days of making the booking, the said booking is considered null and void.

The amount required as a deposit shall not exceed 50% of the price agreed for the holiday.

The member undertakes to reimburse the deposit in the event that the guest cancels the booking in writing at least thirty days before the date on which the holiday is due to begin. If the cancellation is communicated after the said date, then the member is authorised to keep the deposit.

2b. The balance of the amount agreed for the period of the stay shall be paid by the guest upon his/her arrival.

The member, excluding the owner of the Esercizio Alberghiero (Albergo, Albergo Garnì, R.T.A., Villaggio Albergo) and the Affittacamere, has the right to ask, upon the handing over of the apartment, for a guarantee deposit, not greater than 50% of the price agreed for the stay, to cover any damage to the premises, the furnishings and the amenities (utensils, equipment, linen, etc.)

The deposit shall be returned to the guest upon his/her departure after the member has checked the premises and the amenities.

The apartment and its contents shall be handed over to the guest in a clean condition and, excepting the Esercizio Alberghiero (Albergo, Albergo Garnì, R.T.A., Villaggio Albergo) and the Affittacamere, at the end of the period of the stay shall be given back by the guest cleaned and in the same condition in which it was handed over. If this is not the case it is agreed that the costs of cleaning the apartment and any repair work are to be paid by the guest who stayed there and may be deducted from the guarantee deposit.

The keys shall be handed back by the guest to the member upon the guest’s departure.

The member may, giving suitable advance warning to the guest, carry out any necessary repair work in the event of the non-functioning of any systems installed in the apartment which may compromise the safety of the building or of the persons present in the building.

2c. Upon the arrival of the guests the member shall register the presence of said guests in accordance with the laws in force and within the time stipulated by such laws.

The apartment shall be made available to guests from 17.00 on the day of arrival and shall be vacated by 10.00 on the day of departure in order to enable the apartment to be cleaned and handed over to the next guest.

2d. The delayed occupancy of the apartment does not give the guest the right to delay his/her departure beyond the day agreed nor to be reimbursed for the period in which the apartment was not occupied. In the same way, in the event of an early departure, the guest shall not have the right to be reimbursed for the period in which the apartment was not occupied.

In the event of a booking with payment of a deposit, the member shall hold the apartment for the guest until 10.00 on the day following the agreed arrival date. Beyond this time, unless the guest notifies the member of his/her delayed arrival, the member may rent the apartment to another guest.

A booking not safeguarded by the payment of a deposit is valid until 18.00 on the agreed day of arrival, unless the guest notifies the member that he/she will arrive at a later time.

Article 3

The member undertakes to hand over to the guest the apartment as it is described in the catalogue, fully furnished and with the kitchen or kitchenette fully equipped with crockery, cutlery, pans and all necessary utensils, as indicated in the Club membership file.

The member undertakes to guarantee at all times during the year the minimum legal temperature of 20° C in the apartment and hot water twenty-four hours a day.

In the bedrooms there must be a sufficient number of blankets and pillows for all the persons occupying the apartment.

Any amenities provided for the guest, as indicated in the catalogue, are to be considered as included in the price of the apartment declared in the price list.

Leaving aside the obligation of the Esercizio Alberghiero (Albergo, Albergo Garnì, R.T.A., Villaggio Albergo) and the Affittacamere, every other member undertakes to provide the bed linen and towels necessary for the persons occupying the apartment. It is agreed that the weekly price for the apartment includes the provision of bed linen and towels.

Finally the member undertakes to guarantee as included in the price the "comfort" amenities (to reach the minimum score of four points) this being better specified in the Club membership file.

The APT and the promoting Associations shall be quickly informed of any changes in the "comfort" amenities so that these bodies can update their information.

Article 4

For the entire duration of the catalogue the member may not apply prices exceeding those prices declared in the periodical price list.

For the Esercizio Alberghiero (Albergo, Albergo Garnì, R.T.A., Villaggio Albergo), the C.A.V, the Affittacamere and the Campeggio the prices indicated in the price list may not in any case exceed the maximum prices declared in the prices table given to the Servizio Turismo of the Province of Trento.

The prices must either expressly indicate any additional costs or the formula "all inclusive".

The prices given include the following items: cost or rent for the entire period agreed, electricity, gas, heating, hot and cold water, linen, holiday tax and refuse tax as well as any other amenity and/or service envisaged by the sector norms in force for the Esercizio Alberghiero (Albergo, Albergo Garnì, R.T.A., Villaggio Albergo) and the Affittacamere.

Should the member fail to update the price list, as required by the APT, by the date agreed, the prices indicated in the previous price list shall be applied.

The apartment is rented out to the number of persons declared at the moment the booking is made. Any additional bed, excluding those provided in the Esercizio Alberghiero and the Affittacamere, and to a certain extent considering the possibilities contained in the relative sector laws, a supplement may be applied which in any event shall be lower than the price of a bed. The price of a bed is obtained by dividing the cost of the apartment by the number of beds declared in the price list. The provision of extra beds is not envisaged for the Campeggio and the C.A.V.

Article 5

In order to enable the up-dated price list to be published periodically with current prices and any special offers for the various seasons, the member undertakes to give the APT and/or the promoting Associations the up-dated price list with the applicable prices for the period in question by the deadline which will be established each time.

In the event that the member fails to update his/her prices by the deadline, the APT reserves the right to indicate in the new price list the prices declared by the member in the previous price list.

Article 6

The member who follows this Code has the right to display the logo designed by the APT to prove membership of the Club in all written communication, and on all brochures, leaflets, business cards, headed notepaper, etc.

The member is responsible for displaying the Club logo inside and outside his/her accommodation facilities/block of flats/home etc.

This Code, the catalogue and the price list for the current season provided by the APT and/or promoting Associations shall be displayed in the apartment and in a common area accessible to everyone.

Article 7

Any dispute arising between Club members and their guests with regard to a failure to apply this Code shall be referred to a commission set up for the purposes of enforcing this Code.

The commission is composed of:

- 1 representative for apartments run as a business (Esercizio Alberghiero, R.T.A., Affittacamere, C.A.V);

- 1 representative for private tourist apartments;

- 1 representative chosen from the other categories involved in the product Club;

- the director-general of the A.P.T. or an official delegated by him/her;

- the manager of the Unione Commercio Turismo e Attività of the Province of Trento or an official delegated by him/her.

Article 8

While the jurisdiction granted to the supervisory bodies identified by sector laws remains untouched, the commission has the jurisdiction to take decisions in disputes which arise in the event of complaints by clients regarding the non-fulfilment of the regulations of this Code on the part of Club members.

The complaint, duly justified, must be sent by registered post to "Club Comfort – Residence & Appartamenti" c/o Azienda di Promozione Turistica del Trentino, Via Romagnosi 11, 38100 Trento, Italy no later than ten days after the end of the holiday, otherwise the complaint shall not be considered.

The commission shall take a decision on the question within sixty days of receiving the complaint and the member involved shall be notified in writing of the decision. Should the commission deem the complaint to be justified, it may take the following steps against the member: verbal warning, written warning, expulsion.

The commission shall expel a member from the Club in the event of serious violations of the regulations contained in this Code.

In any event the following constitute serious violations which lead to expulsion:

the failure to comply with the requirements of admission to the Club;

the application of prices exceeding those declared in the price list;

the failure to respect bookings;

the provision of false information regarding the member’s accommodation facilities and their various amenities;

the claim to have "comfort" amenities with a score of less than four points.

Article 9

For any provisions not expressly envisaged here, refer to the Italian Civil Code and to the legal provisions of the sector laws where applicable.

Member’s signature  ________________

Dr. Mila Bertoldi of the legislative Office of the "Unione Commercio e Turismo ed Attività di Servizio" in Trento has collaborated in drawing up this Code of Conduct 

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