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Steel, quantity and quality control

Steel inspections

Following the expansion of the international steel trade, the demand of reliable and independent inspections has consequently increased.

No matter if you are a manufacturer, a trader or a buyer IN.CO is always ready to meet your needs, verifying availability, quantity and quality of the steel products and attending all the different phases of transportation (pre-shipment, loading and discharging operations).

Products inspected:

  • Cast iron Steel wire, barbed wire and steel wire rope
  • Steel billets, slabs and ingots
  • Reinforced steel
  • Black plate in steel and coil form
  • Steel plate and section
  • Channels and angles
  • Hot rolled sheets or plates
  • Cold rolled sheets
  • Round and flat bars
  • Steel products, bolts and nuts
  • Tinplate and galvanized steel sheet and coils

    Services provided:

  • Holds inspections
  • Visual inspection and reporting on materials' condition
  • Verification of delivery of ordered quantity
  • Tally/counting of coils, bundles or pieces
  • Billets/coils identification by painting
  • Daily report with photographs included
  • Determination of consignment weight by:
    - Weight verification of trucks, lorries or wagons on mill's or port's weigh bridge
    - Draft survey





steel plates, quantity and quality control


STEEL INSPECTIONS: quantity and quality control