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First of all, we are a group of friends enjoying playing music together and finding in black music and in choirs a common interest. We have distinct musical forming, but we’ve been meeting on Thursdays in the last 20 years singing, playing and enjoying music.
We all like the rhythm of African and south American music, the heat of Jazz, the energy of Gospel music and the charge coming from Swing. We like hazardous arrangements, tangled chords, but also the pureness of a unison chorus, the slow rhythm of lullabies, as the hot ones of Swing or Gospels. We like clean and acoustic sounds and, though we have to use electronic instruments for technical reasons, we always choose natural timbers (piano, marimbas), rigorously acoustic guitar, drums and percussions.
Our history
The present
The group was founded in Bologna in 1982. It underwent two deep transformations in 1991 and in 1995, with an almost constant turn-over of the fellows. The initial group was formed by almost 40 elements and it included a ballet section.
Now the choir is formed by 20 singers divided into 5 sections, accompanied by piano, bass, drums and percussions.
Wraj is our (art) director, author and arranger of many of the songs we play, together with Michele and Gigi.
The formation

Roberta Sacchetti
Simonetta Bigi
Roberta Neri
Nadia Petralia
Alessandra Caneva
Giovanna Spadaccino
Danilo Accorsi
Giancarlo Marisaldi
Rino Paliotta
Luigi Bottazzi
Roberto Finotello
Andrea Errani
Keyboards Michele Gardini
El. Bass Paolo Risaliti
Percussions Bruno Matano
Drums Arcangelo Angelini
Art Director Wraj Firmino
Stefania Bonvicini
Ottaviano Mastrochirico
Marilena Foschi