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The Adorers of the Blood of Christ founded by Maria De Mattias in Acuto (FR), Central Italy live and work on almost through out the world.

Their Generalate is in Rome, Via Beata Maria De Mattias, 10, 00183.

In Florence Villa La Colombaia, Via Di Santa Maria a Marignolle,2, they have one of the Provincial houses of Italy. The Other provincial houses are in Acuto, Bari and Rome.

The Religious Province of Florence, is present most of all in the central Italy: Since 1978 our presence was extended to India.

The Center of Spirituality "on the Mount", in Marche at Castelplanio (AN) is a precious flower or treasure, for a specific function of study and deepening of the spirituality of the Blood of Christ, incarnated in today's history and courageously open for the laity.

Among the publications "On Mount" particular importance is given for the booklets on Spirituality, witnesses and narration, The pearls (prayers and poems), The Eagle (small booklets for boys).

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For information:
Tel.: 055 22 51 62
Fax: 055 22 91 05

Via di S. Maria a Marignolle, 2