Special products

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Arc lamp supply
Power supply with maximum output current of 25A and voltage up to 160V (mod. ALS25-160) or 30A-170V (mod. ALS30-170) for kripton arc lamps used in laser applications.
Power output include also the ignit and boost circuitry necessary to trigger the arc.
Designed for an input voltage of 380V/3F, can be programmed in local or remote mode.
Comes equipped with digital display showing the lamp voltage or current.
Inverter dc/ac
Inverter able to generate a 220Vac outup starting from 12V or 24V input.
With a continuous output power of 700VA and a peak output power up to 2KVA, it is expecially suitable to supply immersion pumps and refrigerator.
Among the several characteristics it stands out for load control, that allows it to switch-on only if some output power is requested.
Charge regulator
Controller unit for automatic management of system composed by generator - battery - load.
Developed for installatios up to 40A it accepts 12V or 24V input voltage.
On the optional digital display could be visualized the battery voltage or alternatively the generator or load current.


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