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IBM Convertible (ventiquattrore) 1986, USA Reflective LCD CGA 2 x 3,5" 720 KB FDD, PC-DOS 3.12 Static 512 KB RAM, CPU 80C88 (4,77 MHz) Battery pack 9,6V (missing) and external adapter 220V-12V 2A (not original)
First IBM battery operated PC, first IBM PC with 3,5" floppy drives
Good, working
Zenith MinisPort 1991 Backlight LCD CGA Integrated 20MB HD, serial parallel, monitor, interfaces; boot rom with DOS and utilities. External 720 MB 3,5" FDD 1MB RAM, CPU NEC Ni-cd battery pack (5 elements); mains adapter/charger First notebook pc with HD Good, (HD failure)
IBM Thinkpad 701c 'butterfly' 1995 Backlight TFT color VGA 500MB HD, 2x PCMCIA,  IR, audio, 14.4Kbps modem, trackpoint proprietary connection for port and docking 8MB RAM, CPU 486 DX4 (75 MHz) Ni-Hr battery pack (9 cell 10,8V); ext plug 16V (+ centre) adapter/charger Most famous Thinkpad design with extensible keyboard  Good, working
Digital Ultra ct475 1995 Backlight TFT color VGA 500MB HD, 2x PCMCIA, IR, audio, serial, parallel,  proprietary connection for floppy unit and docking 8MB RAM, CPU 486 DX4 (75 MHz) Li-Ion battery pack (7,2V, 3300 mA); ext plug 12V First attempt for Digital to enter the portable pc market  Good, working
HP Omnibook 600c 1995 Backlight DSTN color VGA 2x PCMCIA (512MB CF silicon disk),  IR, serial, parallel,  ext SVGA monitor, 8MB RAM, CPU 486 DX4 (75 MHz) Li-ion battery pack (2x2 cell 7,2V); ext plug 12V (- centre) adapter/charger Innovative ultra portable design with HP lever mouse Good, working

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