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lultimaspiaggia - photography

On September 15th, 2000 in the Italian beach resort town of Pescara, the local music scene has celebrated the end of summer with a Grand free concert, aptly named "Lultimaspiaggia", which literally translates as "Thelastbeach". (A more idiomatically correct translation would be "Thelastpossibleremedy" or "Thelaststand".)

The concert had been organized by the Maya beach club, which during the summer had earned itself the nickname "The Temple of Music" having been the only place in the area where they'd play decent music. Thus, it quickly became the meeting place "par excellance" of the local rock scene.

Six bands were to play from late afternoon until past midnight. among these, two of my personal favorites that you'll be seeing - and quite possibly hearing - more about from these pages.

The event was a resounding (severe pun intended) success: A day of good music, no fuss, no hassles, and great atmosphere. Take a look at the photographs and you'll get my drift.


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