ClothSim - The Cloth Simulator

ClothSim is a real-time cloth simulator featuring wind.

Author : Marco "Ninja Killer" Benvegnu'

ClothSim - The Cloth Simulator

Italian version It's strong point is the extreme speed of computation.

With ClothSim you can watch various cloth models (tablecloths, flags, garments...) blowing in the wind, and you can freely move around them: you can examine each single wrinkle under every angulation.
But ClothSim isn't limited to this: you can change the wind speed, stop the time, and ask for a series of statistical informations.
In particular, you will see the the astonishing frame rates which this powerful implementation is able to achieve.

The development of ClothSim required 60 hours of Visual C++, over a period of 16 days (July 2002).

Download (154 Kb)


  • Fast!!!
  • Numerical stability assured.
  • Physically correct.
  • Precise and fast normals generation (only one cross product for each vertex).
  • A new technique for the computation of wind forces, 2 times faster than the conventional method.
  • Rendering via TriangleStrips.
  • Texturing / Lighting.
  • ClothSim simulates whatever mass-spring system, cloths of any form, and even volumetric structures (e.g. molecules, tents, leaves, paper, strings, ropes, cobwebs, jelly, hair).
  • Enhanced tablecloth: the elements (mass and springs) on the table are fixed, and so they leaved the scene at all. Moreover, the triangles' orientation is customized for the folds of a tablecloth.
  • Variable integration step: animation speed is unrelated to the frame rate. Timescale is physically accurate.
  • For each cloth a maximum integration step can be specified (e.g. 0.5s); in this way the integrator will never exit the region of absolute stability, even in stress conditions (swapping / loading); this guarantees the total absence of ”explosions (an aged obstacle in the explicit integration of stiff systems).
  • Vibration free equilibrium position (hard to obtain, especially with variable step).
  • OOProgramming for the maximum flexibility, portability and reusability of the code.
  • Specifically studied to dress quality videogames.
  • Time stats.
  • Smooth movements and mouse filtering (fundamental when both strafing and aiming).


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