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everything on this site is based on the concept of experience: Carnival of Sciacca 2000 will be the best example of it.

Let's have a look at the 2000 edition program and at the twenty allegorical carts' titles.

The indian continent with its variety and contrasts is a wider one.

But don't forget the experience of the life you choose: be involved in environment issues, fighting for universal human rights or taking a wrong direction.

People and places are an important part of your life, and so films are. Do you remember Trainspotting ? Do you need to know the timetable of the Palermo/Sciacca bus?

Does the Isle of Wight really exist? You can visit the village of Bembridge as a proof!!

If you enjoyed the surfing on this site, find out more about me (at least have a look at me!) and if you want to complain or criticize just e-mail me.

Can I say something in Italian? Buon Lavoro! Se vuoi confrontare tutte le tariffe della telefonia fissa, cosa aspetti?

You can look for a job or a mp3.


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