Nigel J. Ross

Writing in the Information Age

In recent years, the ‘Information Age’ has often been compared to the period when printing first developed. During both the printing revolution (15th century) and the electronic revolution (later 20th century on), technological developments have been at the forefront of a transformation in the spread and availability of information. The introduction then widespread use of print six centuries ago led to changes not only in society's management of information but also in language itself. Comparably, present-day information technology has made for easy and rapid access to enormous amounts of information, with hotly debated consequences regarding copyright, censorship, and the communication of information. Even if things tend to move quickly nowadays, writing/print is only likely to be affected by the IT revolution in the relative long term. Nevertheless, in a number of quarters there is the sensation that a new phase for language is in the offing. Writing in the Information Age is going to be worth watching.

published in English Today (Vol 22/3, July 2007), Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.

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