Dictionaries, Glossaries
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The following pages provide links to online dictionaries, glossaries and other reference sources.

ENGLISH Monolingual Dictionaries and Glossaries - including lists of abbreviations, American terms, banking, finance, glass, hairstyling, high-technology, insurance, organised crime, IT, slang, thesauruses and other glossaries.

ITALIAN Monolingual Dictionaries and Glossaries - including cultural sources, lists of golfing terms, legal terms, art, proverbs, slang and other glossaries and sources.

ENGLISH-ITALIAN Bilingual Dictionaries and Glossaries - including bilingual glossaries relating to baseball, credit cards, Disney characters, cinema terms, diving, food, horses, illuminated manuscripts, insurance, IT, Jewish terms, marble, medical terms, music, oil, packaging, photography, reptiles, slang, stock exchange, wood and so on.

MULTILINGUAL Dictionaries and Glossaries - including multilingual glossaries relating to acronyms, aromatherapy, art, astronomy, birds, cereals, chemistry, climbing, films, finance, fish, food, leather, medical terms, music, patents, printing, real estate, sailing, scout terminology, shellfish, shoemaking, technical terms, telecommunications, textiles, trade, topography, windsurfing and other glossaries and sources.

REFERENCE Sources (encyclopaedias, etc.) - including the Britannica, the British National Corpus, Catholic encyclopaedia, digital media database, phrase and quotation finders, thesauruses and other reference sources.

E-TEXTS (Complete literary works, etc.) - including sites to search literary works, to download books, to find quotations and so on.

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Credit Cards / Rigid Films
Disney Characters
Illuminated Manuscripts (Codici miniati)
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