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Santa Fiora
Introductory course: reading and interpreting jazz music.

The course will include:

  • formation of a laboratory-orchestra;
  • reading practise on pieces of the classical repertory of the big bands of the forties and fifties;
  • analysis of the musical forms of jazz;
  • listening different styles in chronological order;
  • chords and signatures;
  • scales and phrasing;
  • rhythm and polyrhythm;
  • basic notions for improvisation.

The program will end with a concert of the laboratory-orchestra.

Proposals for jazz teaching will be made in the S. Fiora seminary.

1st purpose: identification of the specific jazz language by reading simple pieces of the jazz tradition, with a particular focus on blues. Accurate analysis of rhythms, accents and inflexions characterizing jazz pronounciation. At this stage, reading unison themes and playing simple arrangements could be already possible. It is preferable, but not necessary, to have recorded versions of the used material, for comparisons and analysis on the basis of the original material.
2nd purpose: short analysis of the forms and of the harmonic structure of the material used for practice, with a particular focus on the determination of the tonal centers and the scale/tonality relation. Analysis of the melody and of the consonance/dissonance relation.
3rd purpose: preliminary teaching of improvisation. The thematic material, its variations, the sound/space/time relation. The aims of improvisation.

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