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Stage 10

Fraom Hôtellerie de Trélatê (1970 m, F) to Refuge de La Croix du Bonhomme (2443 m, F)

Uphill difference of level / in height: 980 m
Downhill difference of level / in height: 510 m
Refuges on the way: nessuno

Average duration of the path: 4 h

We compensate the unutterable fatigues of the "stage 9" with a very beautiful and, everything considered, quite easy and light. The unique difficulty lies in the ascent at the Col du Bonhomme (2350 m), after all not particularly steep, that we cover after a long descent to the valley floor. From the top of the Col, crowded with a lot of day-trippers, we enjoy a wonderful view; after a brief lunch, based on what we've bought in Les Houches, we immediately make our way towards the refuge, because the sky is becoming more and more menacing. In less than one hour we reach the refuge (2433 m) walking on a gentle path, with a lot of minor ups and downs.

When we arrive the refuge is crowded, because it has started raining very hard and there is a strong and cold wind. We settle in in a dormitory that will soon be completely full. The dinner is very good and the atmosphere is warm and nice: as the heating and the electricity of the refuge work with solar energy, to spare it we dine by candle light.

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