GOLD 100 [ ]



Royal GOLD 100 [RA]


  [xxx Kb]

Royal GOLD 200 [RB]


  [xxx Kb]

Royal GOLD 400 [RC]


  [xxx Kb]

GOLD 1000 [RF]


  [xxx Kb]

Portra 100T



Portra 160NC



Portra 160VC [GPX]



Portra 400NC



Portra 400VC [GPY]



Portra 400BW

Multi-purpose black-and-white film for processing in color negative film Process C-41. For printing on professional color negative paper. Extremely fine grain and high sharpness. Wide exposure latitude.


Portra 800



Supra 100

Super fine grain, Exceptional sharpness, Colors that are bold and dynamic, yet realistic.


Supra 400

Fine grain 400-speed color negative film. Vibrant colors without over-saturated skin tones. Negatives more durable and resistant to handling damage. One-stop push-processing capability.


Supra 800

Sharp high-speed color negative film. Exceptionally fine grain. Superior color saturation, even when negatives are underexposed. Two-stop push-processing capability.

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