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There's not going to be a lot of talk on this page, just the thumbnails to pics from our home country.  Now, being as this site is so pro-Italy, we do not want anyone getting the idea that our allegiances are for anything but the good old U.S. of A, and that will never change.

We do miss a lot of things about the US, such as:

Endless supplies of hot water, Shooting sports, TV that's not fuzzy, a video rental store with more than 10 movies, fast food, wide roads, roads on which rules are obeyed, gas stations that are open at 2am,  gas stations that are open at 2pm, water we can drink, microwave ovens, large capacity washing machines, dish washers, unlimited electrical power for your house, large houses, wall to wall carpeting, Samuel Adams beer, (OK, maybe Katrina doesn't miss it, but darn it, I sure do), Availability of most creature comforts, supermarkets bigger than an American convenience store, Malls, the wide open plains, Fly fishing, the second amendment, mountains, the list goes on.

But we're doing just fine, thank you, and shall continue to do so indefinitely.  Life is not worse here, it's just different.

The pictures.  the first are from the trip out to Virginia, then to Italy.  the rest are just really cool pics we like.

Flag 2.jpg (32371 bytes) Old Glory, flying in Poulsbo, Washington p-20 from front.jpg (83079 bytes) Where it starts for Kat, base housing, Bangor, WA (surprise, it's raining!)
Image2.jpg (63306 bytes) In the bridge of USS Alaska, coming through the straits of Juan De Fuca for the last time. LT Ty Oberg and LT Rob Moore. alaska2.jpg (65329 bytes) Alaska coming home.  It was Dan's eighth patrol, Alaska's 44th patrol. Photo by Nina Beheim
homeward bound.jpg (67031 bytes) Approaching the hood canal bridge.  Photo by Nina Beheim P1010075.jpg (33232 bytes) "the last maneuvering watch"  This is MM1 Cody Stayrook topside.
P1010029b.jpg (145377 bytes) Sunrise in the straits P1010114.jpg (89443 bytes) Seattle.  This is us on the ferry across Puget Sound, saying goodbye to Kitsap county.
P1010117.jpg (83385 bytes) Snoqualme pass, on the trip over the cascade mountains P1010125.jpg (85554 bytes) The cross country trip. this is a photo of some of the farmland in Minnesota.
P1010134.jpg (124447 bytes) A very very pretty cemetery we happened to notice in Wisconsin P6130139.jpg (46357 bytes) Virginia Beach.  Katrina and Zachary.
P8290005.jpg (27916 bytes) The night sky at the onset of Hurricane Floyd.  Or was it Dennis? Well, they both hit us in our short stay in Norfolk P6020003.jpg (114349 bytes) Hanging out with Jim and Becky Canfield in Annapolis, Maryland.
P1010019.jpg (49110 bytes) The Mall in Washington DC P7170031.jpg (101013 bytes) We spent a day at the Yorktown battlefield.  we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Here we sit on a cannon used by the Americans.
P1010003.jpg (89501 bytes) Arlington cemetery at the tomb of the unknown soldier.  Our country sure knows how to make a stirring war memorial. P1010011.jpg (145488 bytes) The Wall.  If you ever make the journey to DC, you MUST stop by the Vietnam war memorial
P1010015.jpg (111348 bytes) Another shot of the Vietnam war memorial P1010016.jpg (181754 bytes) The statues at the center of the memorial
P1010001.jpg (69933 bytes) We found the name that matched Katrina's POW/MIA remembrance bracelet. P1010014.jpg (147048 bytes) Another shot of the wall.  You would have to be a pillar of stone not to be moved by this place.
These pictures have absolutely nothing to do with our journey in any way, shape or form.  In fact, these pictures were not taken on the digital camera like the other ones were.  These were all shot on a Canon AE-1 Program SLR
mesa3.jpg (96820 bytes) Upper Mesa Falls, Idaho.  About 50 miles north of Idaho falls, and one of the most beautiful places on earth. tetons.jpg (109425 bytes) The Grand Teton mountains in the winter time, viewed from the Idaho side
yellowstone.jpg (151267 bytes) The Madison River winding its way toward the west gate of Yellowstone park.  This picture was taken in 1992.  Note the fire damage. subaseSD.jpg (118393 bytes) The old squadron 3 boats sitting at ballast point, San Diego, Circa 1990.  Except for that 688 in the back, these boats are probably all gone now
helen2.jpg (100357 bytes) Mount St. Helens in 1996.  This is probably one of my best photos ever. helen.jpg (100700 bytes) Mount Saint Helen's the spring before.  The blast damage is still evident after all these years.