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16th century stone house in Tuscany

in the heart of Chianti

Quercetino farm

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View of the hill slope with the Castle of Querceto top left

The 16th century stonehouse and its adjacent barn are surrounded by a 3 level garden . The property (at an altitude of 350 mt) is located in the centre of a specialised vineyard and olive grove covering the southern hill slope, dominated by the castle of Querceto.

The house is supplied with mains electricity,  a telephone line,running water and central heating, whilst 2 electrically-pumped wells provide abundant water for domestic use, gardening and future swimming pool.

The forest around the vineyard, 200 mt from the house, provides a green shield against northern winter winds, allowing a very favourable microclimate.

A small lake, at the foot of the hill some 300 mt from the house, is an attraction for fishermen, being well stocked with trout and chub.

The property is situated in a 700 ha area of game preserve with pheasant and hare.  Wild boar are sometimes visible from the terrace on moon-lit nights...)

The surrounding vineyard (Cabernet, Sangiovese and Chardonnay) is part of the famous cellar "Castello di Querceto", known world-wide thanks to its cru "La Corte", "Querciolaia" , "Cignale" and its elegant "Chianti Classico" DOCG.

Fascinating Abbeys (Badia Montescalari - Badia a Passignano both dating from the 11th century), small churches, and Roman ruins (traces of the Roman Appia consular road are within a 30 min. walk...) can be reached through the forest by footpaths starting from the house.


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