Linea 5

Montesanto (2, 7), Cilea (1, 7), Piave (7), Soccavo (7), Traiano, La Trencia, Pianura, Torre Poerio, Pisani and then outside Naples to Licola and Torregaveta.

Tracks completed and in use by Circumflegrea line, which is part of S.E.P.S.A. lines.
Its Montesanto-Pisani section will constitute Metro Linea 5.
Two stations to be built: Torre Pisani and Cilea. This latter will be an interchange with Linea 1 by means of a system of lifts and escalators (the lines operate with a difference in height of 120 metres). Works have been approved on March 13 2001 (see news -in Italian- from La Repubblica, or news -in Italian- from Il Mattino). No news are currently available about their actual realization.
Track doubling in section Montesanto - Pianura (km. 7,460) under development (see SEPSA official site).
Track doubling in section Pianura - Pisani (km. 2,836) to fund.
By end 2004 new stations Traiano, La Trencia and Pianura will be completed and will enter service.

Cumana-Circumflegrea system here.

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Recent news

March 11, 2002: A group of people living in Pianura (Via Vicinale Campanile) say that track doubling for Linea5 is damaging their houses (see press release - in Italian - from Il Mattino).

September 16, 2003: SEPSA Montesanto station (Linea 5 and Linea 7) will undergo restyling: works start at the end of September 2003 and should end in 2005 for a total cost of 40 million euros. A tunnel is being considered to connect this station with FS Montesanto station (Linea 2) (see news - in Italian - from Il Mattino).

January 21, 2004: Comune di Napoli approves construction of a pedestrian underpass in Montesanto area between Linea 2 station and that of Linea 5 and Linea 7 (see news - in Italian - from Il Mattino).

March 6, 2005: new station Traiano (Linea 5) starts service (see news - in Italian - from Il Mattino, and official note - in Italian - by SEPSA).

July 7, 2005: new station La Trencia (Linea5) enters service, in next months also station Pianura will be available (see news - in Italian - from Il Mattino).

December 3, 2005: CIPE has funded 323 million euros for Naples metro works: 42.2 millions for Montesanto station (Linea 5 and Linea 7), 61.1 millions for Cilea - Quattro Giornate interchange node (Linea 1, Linea 5 and Linea 7) to complete by 2010, 119.7 millions for the section Capodichino - Centro Direzionale (Linea 1) and 100 millions for the section San Pasquale - Municipio (Linea 6) (see news and table - in Italian - from Il Mattino).

For details about trains and a picture of a Circumflegrea train click here.

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